#InSearchOf event in SOHO

Hello fashionistas, This past Saturday I got to attend a special event in honor of the premiere of the TBS series  Search Party. I actually didn’t know very much about the series but got hooked after attending the event in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The series tell the story of four friends who become involved in the disappearance of […]

The infamous bright yellow jacket

Hello my lovely readers! It has been three weeks since my last post 😦 Summer was supposed to be a time to get more consistent with posts on the blog and instead my life has been filled with multiple trips, planning for NY, looking for jobs, hosting family, and a gazillion more things. I have […]

Metropolitan Fashion Week

Hello Fashionistas, Today, in honor of the Met Gala, I thought I would post about my own mini version of the glamorous show here in Seattle: The Metropolitan Fashion Week. Last Saturday, I put on a fancy long gown and headed to the Seattle Art Museum for a night to remember. It was incredible to […]

Stand Out Style Fashion Show

Hola Fashionistas! Its been a busy weekend for fashion events in Seattle. There was a fashion show or trend event from Thursday to Sunday, it was hard deciding what events to attend. If I could manage to be in more than one place at a time, believe me, this weekend would have been just right […]

Capes and Orange Heels

Hey everyone! Hope you all are really enjoying this beautiful sunny weather! As the weather warms up and we get closer to summer I realize that it is only a matter of months before I graduate and take on my adventures in New York. It crazy to think about how quickly time can pass. I […]

Jumpsuits and embellished blazers

Hola Fashionistas! Its been a while since I have had a chance to post an outfit blog post. It is honestly challenging to stay motivated and driven as a new blogger when you are not sure if anyone out there is reading and caring about what you have to say. But I have realized that […]

White-out and Fur

Hola mis fashionistas! I was asked last week what I consider my style to be, and I found myself scrambling for ways to put that into words. On one hand, I feel that I love a minimalistic look; a simple piece that can be dressed up or down with accessories is number one in my closet. […]

Bodysuits and secret alleyways

Hello my fashionistas! Happy first week of March! This week has been a crazy rollercoaster of school work and meetings for my New York move. I have finals next week so school work is an at all time high, and sleep at an all time low. Navigating through a job search process, networking, school and […]

Heartbreakers II: Nordstrom Party

Hello Lovelies! So as many of you know, the headquarters of Nordstrom are in Seattle, WA. This ideal location caters to endless fun exclusive events involving great Nordstrom brands. Various fashion shows, trend events and product parties happen multiple times a month and keep us local fashionistas on our toes.  I was fortunate enough to go […]