Day 3 NYFW

Hello Fashionistas,

After two exhausting days of fashion week, I wanted to post about my last and final day, which proved to be one of the most memorable of them all.

Day 3 of NYFW was probably the craziest and most amazing out of all of my days in Fashion Week. The day started as the other two with me running (this became a habit..) to my first show of the day: Irina Vitjaz. But I managed to get in as the doors were closing to get a great seat on the second row and snap pictures of the gorgeous gowns. Unlike the other designers I had seen, I was impressed by the fluidity of the designs. All of her pieces had details that made sense with the overall theme of the show. A soft and magical elegance filled the space with gorgeous pieces in chiffon or magical flowy long skirts with delicate tops. My favorite look included a modern baseball cap in pastel green with a short face veil attached to it. It was a modern take on a classic piece and even though it would seem to counter act the style of the show, it worked perfectly with it.

The reception again served as a great opportunity to network and I got to meet people from all over the world! My next show was at 8pm so I headed to grab some lunch, shoot my look of the day and get ready.

When 7pm hit, I headed to Moynihan Station (the main venue for NYFW) early to see if I could get some pics with the photographers and hang out. Walked in and everyone was getting situated fro the Vivienne Tam show so I expected to just wait outside. Got my ticket scanned and was guided to the left side of the venue. Next thing I know Im seeing rows and rows of people, photographers and celebrities running around with cameras trailing behind them and on a big screen to my right: Vivienne Tam.. I SNUCK INTO THE SHOW! I couldn’t believe it. It was chance or luck or just being at the right place at the right time, but I was star struck. Everyone around me was someone important in the industry and I kept spotting celebrities in the front row taking pictures and looking fabulous. And the show did not disappoint the famous audience as it was a beautiful display of bright colors, rocker 70s chick, metallic and fringe. The show opened with an astronaut in space welcoming the audience to the show and as the lights went on, an upbeat rock song filled the air and the models strutted on to the runway.

After my starstruck show and a pic with Nigel from America’s Next top Model, ( I was fan grilling and had to..) I headed to my last show of the day: Anniessa Hassibuan. The pieces that she had on the runway were some of the most elaborate and elegant ones I have ever seen. As the first Indonesian designer at NYFW her designs incorporated the traditional Muslim headscarf as te centerpiece of the presentation, something that has never been seen at a show before. Staying on track with the current trends of pastel pieces, metallic details and delicate satin, her designs featured ready to wear and evening pieces that would stir envy for any onlookers. The Wedding Gown that closed the show left the audience in awe and was well deserved of the standing ovation that followed.

After seeing 3 amazing designers, I left with a huge grin on m

y face to the Vivienne Tam after party at the Skylark where I got a chance to network while being surrounded with the manhattan skyline and sipping the yummiest cocktails. I would call that a truly successful Fashion Week!

Getting used to living in the city and falling inlove just a little more everyday…

Be on the lookout for an outfit post this week featuring some pieces that I am excited about for Fall.

Thanks for reading,




My look of the day… Wearing printed pants from a local Colombian boutique in Bogota, top from Ann Taylor, Flats from Zara and purse from Chanel.





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