Day 2 NYFW

When you see people posting pictures and writing about Fashion Weeks around the world, it all seems glamorous and fun, but what no one tells you is the million other things going on at the same time. The caffeine runs, the rushed photoshoots in between shows, the heat and humidity, lack of sleep and a million more things at the same time. Even with these negatives though, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

For Day 2 of Fashion Week I got the pleasure to attend the Dan Liu show at Clarkson Square, which is on the West side by the Piers. For the second time in two days, I was the last person in the door for the show… Note to those of you who plan on going to NYFW: add an extra 20 minutes to your commute just in case- A. You get lost or B. The walk from the subway stop takes way longer than expected. I ended up running from the subway to the venue to make it on time, which was far from ideal since I arrived drenched in sweat due to the 100% humidity that no one tells you about in NYC in September.

The show began with gorgeous designs in feminine silhouettes, pastels, delicate flower prints and classic knee length cuts that were very 1950s. The music matched the 50’s vibe and was upbeat and happy. I loved some of the classic LBD dresses with added lace details and could see myself wearing some of his designs to a nice Sunday brunch in the city. I only thought there was a lack of transition in the middle of the collection, with some pieces that didn’t seem to match the vibe and colors of the rest of the collection. But all around the show had a fun and easy style to it. My favorite part was having the designer, newspaper in hand, sitting in a small table imitating a french cafe, casually watching as his models walked one last time on the runway.

The unison of the theme of the venue, the dresses, and even the small detail of handing out a red rose to every girl attending the show, was well crafted. In the little reception after the show, I networked with some bloggers and fashionistas and happen to run into 2 Seattle bloggers! Its a small world.

After the show I ran to meet a photographer to shoot around the city and got caught in a huge rain storm. When it rains in NY, it pours and of course as a new New Yorker I had not purchased an umbrella and was forced to sit out the rain in a Starbucks near by. At the end though the pictures turned out amazing. Hope you enjoy my look. Be on the lookout for my Day 3 post coming tomorrow.



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