Day 1: NYFW

Hello Fashionistas!

I am so excited to share with you that I finally moved to New York city! After months of going back and forth and deciding what my plans would be after graduation, I finally took the leap! My move time matched perfectly with the start of Fashion Week so after just two days in the city I have gotten to see a snippet of what NYFW has to offer and I’m craving more.

After countless emails to PR contacts in NY, I got invited to 5 amazing shows. It was not an easy process but trust me, so worth it. Arriving to the city at 6am, September 9th, my day consisted in getting over my jet lag and getting ready for my first ever Fashion Show: Francesca Liberatore. I picked a striped skirt from Nordstrom, a tailored crop top from BCBG, my yellow statement jacket and the most comfortable heels I own from American Eagle. With my invite from Fashion GPS in hand I got on the subway to Moynihan Station, the main venue for Fashion week, located right in the heart of the city. My experience was so surreal walking by the big NYFW signs and the black runway and having photographers all around me asking if they could get my picture, I felt like a real celebrity!

The venue inside was unreal. The Tres Emme Beauty station glistened with gold and at the very back was the Jimmy Choo anniversary station, which was exclusively for VIP. I walked into the venue only to find myself surrounded by the most fashionable people in the city. It was crazy that right across from me sat, no other than, Kelly Osborne (fan girl moment..). The collection was truly breath taking. I loved the structured pieces, her take on a plain white t-shirt and her play with colors including orange, magenta pink, turquoise and the LBD. Her pieces with glitter detail truly blew me away and my absolute favorite was a black strapless with a fabric belt that just elevated a classic simple look.

I got to meet other fashionistas and felt like a star when I got asked to do a short interview with E!news about my experience at fashion week. I can’t wait to share with all of you what I said, although I can’t lie, I was extremely nervous! Once I have the footage I will be sure to share it with all of you. I still have more shows and parties to attend as NYFW is just starting and I can’t wait to post more about my NYC adventures to stay tuned…






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