The infamous bright yellow jacket

Hello my lovely readers!

It has been three weeks since my last post 😦 Summer was supposed to be a time to get more consistent with posts on the blog and instead my life has been filled with multiple trips, planning for NY, looking for jobs, hosting family, and a gazillion more things. I have decided that I will now be posting once a month until my life reaches some sort of stability again. I want my content to be honest and in the busy life I’m leading right now there is not enough time to get the quality that I want. Im on the lookout for a new photographer because, although friends are always fun to take pictures with, they are much harder to coordinate shoots with.

These are my latest news, but I hope that you will still follow me along on this journey. Currently just got back from a Bachelorette party in Vegas, where I left just too days after dropping my mom off at the airport! It has been go go go since my week in New York two weeks ago. The good thing is that just taking that time to visit and reconnect with old contacts as well as my future city was really helpful. It filled me with hope and excitement for the future and what is to come, even when it is hidden behind a shadow of fear. Im learning that growing up truly is not easy, but that making the move will help me grow as a person in a way I never have before.

My outfit post today is of this classic yellow jacket that caught my eye on multiple occasions on social media. The bright yellow Zara jacket was a huge hit in Spain when it came out and I was so happy to finally get my hands on it! I styled it with simple jeans and an Urban outfitters top with a chocker attached (since those are so popular right now) and simple American Eagle sunnies with my Clarke summer shoes. every single piece was under $50 dollars each but together made a rocking look! Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color to your wardrobe this summer, the yellow is currently my favorite.

Hope you enjoy the pics taken with my awesome new camera- a Canon RebelT5i.





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