Trend Style Report with Ken Downing

This past Thursday, I had the pleasure to attend a special event at the Neiman Marcus store in Bellevue, I got the chance to meet Ken Downing the Vice President and Fashion director of Neiman Marcus. The whole event was nothing but glamorous, as only Neiman Marcus can do of course.

From the moment I got off the stairs I was greeted by a glass of rose and a beautiful pink runway filled with the most fashionable Seattleites. I saw Prada and Channel bags filling the seats and an array of colorful dresses and heels, all matching the spring theme. I, of course, chose to wear all black because the bipolar Seattle weather had me trying different options for hours and black always wins!

Ken started the show by talking a little about himself and his background. He is a local Seattleite, which I found almost hard to believe, and was extremely genuine and real. His mom was actually in the audience looking extremely chic!

The looks he curated had the entire audience gasping every single time a model appeared behind the curtain. Lace, layers, black and white, and lots and lots of pearls were the major  highlights from his looks. Each piece he spoke about was so carefully selected by him based on a show he had seen, or a chat he had had with the designer. His motivation and love of fashion showed as he talked about each piece. I had a great time listening to all of his insights and kept day dreaming about the day when shows like this become my every day life.

Here are pics from the show, my outfits and of course a shot getting Ken and talking to him.

Hope you all enjoy!! Thanks for reading






4 thoughts on “Trend Style Report with Ken Downing

  1. Fun reading your recap! It was such an awesome event, I was in heaven :). Nice to briefly meet you at it too!


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