Metropolitan Fashion Week

Hello Fashionistas,

Today, in honor of the Met Gala, I thought I would post about my own mini version of the glamorous show here in Seattle: The Metropolitan Fashion Week. Last Saturday, I put on a fancy long gown and headed to the Seattle Art Museum for a night to remember. It was incredible to get a chance to see Seattle fashion lovers gathered all in one place looking their absolute finest! The event was black tie, so an array of beautiful long gowns filled the space, with a grand marble staircase as the runway.

Suit Supply opened up the show with tailored suits in various colors. Next was Perry Meek, a designer that created pieces for lady Gaga. His collection was very edgy with lots of edgy armored corsets combined with flow feminine skirts. Erik Bendana, an Nicaraguan designer that created pieces for the National Costumes of 2 Latin American contestants on Miss Universe, debuted his collection for the first time on the show. His pieces were my favorite out of all of the collections shown that night because of their originality. He had elegant long gowns and statement costume pieces with feathers and sequins that were absolute show stoppers.

Adica Swimwear continued the show with some outdated, in my opinion, swimsuit designs with polka dolts and fringe. I felt that the designs were not out of the ordinary and the fabrics didn’t have luminance or color or any special designs. Fashion Forwards followed with three sub designers: MIAU,  Olena Dats’ and Ema Savah. Closing the show was local designer Julie Danforth who had the greatest number of designs in the show. All of her designs were original and different with elegant finishes, but there was a lack of cohesion in her collection, I was unsure about the theme or commonality that pulled the dresses together, aside from the curly wig worn by all the models.

Although I wasn’t the biggest fan of the collections themselves, I think the event was incredible for being such an elaborate show in a city where technology is the usual center of attention. I loved seeing an excited crowd, eager to see fashion growing in popularity in the city.

After the show I met up with a fellow blogger friend Molly from @stylemissmolly and took pictures with my handsome date. I was sad to say goodbye to Metropolitan Fashion Week, as this was their last farewell show and unfortunately only my first. I believe there is still some much uncovered potential yet to be discovered here in Seattle.

Finally if you want to shop my look click on the link @ Glamhive. And stay tuned for a new outfit post coming within the next couple of days talking more about the perfect Spring Summer styles and more about how my NY move is coming along.

Thanks for reading!





The Finale Piece: The Marilyn Monroe dress was hand painted.




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