Stylish in Seattle

Two weeks ago I had the incredible opportunity to attend a summit called Stylish in Seattle. It was hosted by dear friend of mine Sydney who is the owner of Gossip and Glamour a PR firm here in Seattle that works closely with local brands and bloggers. I met her through Fashion First last summer and fell involve with her genuine attitude and her passion for the community and for every single person she meets.

But the summit was the first of its kind and really opened up my eyes to the endless possibilities that my life could head towards. We had a panel of amazing speakers that addressed some areas of blogging that I wouldn’t have even imagined. We had the PR director of Neiman Marcus in Bellevue who spoke about the importance of collaborating with brands that represent you and what your blog stands for. We also had a girl from a company in Vancouver that links up brands and influencers. As a blogger herself, she had amazing knowledge about both sides of collaborating with brands. We also had the PR director for Julep and she spoke about the importance of bloggers and influencers and of taking the opportunity to reach out to brands you want to collaborate with.

As a new blogger the most impactful were the key note speakers. We had Moorea Seal come and speak about how she got started. Straight out of college and ambitious she just picked up some jewelry classes and started selling her designs on etsy. Things picked up with lots of motivation and she started her own store with a small investment and a big dream. I got a chance to talk to her afterwards and she was so down to earth and positive. She reminded me how things take time but it is important to stay positive and believe in yourself. I think that I can forget that sometimes. It can feel overwhelming to be spending so much time on a blog when I feel that no one is reading it. But Im doing this because I love it and I have to believe that and stay focused on my goals to get my big to where I can get to fashion week this September!

My next favorite speaker was Amanda Zurita. She has worn many different hats in the fashion industry here in Seattle at Seattle magazine and other local companies. But she realized what made her happy was something totally different and go travel the world. It was inspirational to see the results of following your heart. She gets to do her own free lance work and travel around the globe. I would love to have that drive to follow my dreams and accomplish the impossible.

Here are some pictures with my fellow bloggers from the event, Im excited to share this experience with all of you. I chose to wear a more relaxed outfit (the event started at 8 am..) by combining leggings from BCBG and a black and white tunic dress. My shoes are from Clarks and they are the most comfortable sneakers I own!




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