Zebra Club Art Exhibition

There is a special place in my heart for local boutiques. Local boutiques truly offer a taste of what fashion is like in the city and show a city’s personality in a way that no big retailer can. Luckily Seattle has its share of boutiques all over. From downtown to Capitol Hill and Queen Anne, each neighborhood displays unique pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

One of my absolute favorite local boutiques is Zebra Club located by Pikes Place in downtown Seattle. Zebra club is one of the oldest boutiques in Seattle; it has been around since 1985. Its style is modern and edgy and I feel that it displays true Seattle Fashion to its fullest. The pieces in the store are curated specifically to create a style that is originally Zebra Club and I think that in addition to its amazing staff, is what keeps people coming back.

Just last month they began a monthly, in-store, Art Exhibition to display local art and showcase their newest collections. There is a DJ, awesome snacks and in this weeks event CHAMPAGNE, my favorite. But my favorite part about coming to support the exhibit is walking into the store and being greeted by their amazing staff who all remembered who I was. The tight knit community surrounding this boutique is amazing. I got to style some looks for myself and chat with the local artist which was amazing.

Here are a couple of pictures form the event! I hope if you are local you have a chance to go next month, I’ll definitely be there.

Version 2DSC_4964DSC_4965DSC_4999IMG_7741IMG_7737




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