Heartbreakers II: Nordstrom Party

Hello Lovelies!

So as many of you know, the headquarters of Nordstrom are in Seattle, WA. This ideal location caters to endless fun exclusive events involving great Nordstrom brands. Various fashion shows, trend events and product parties happen multiple times a month and keep us local fashionistas on our toes.  I was fortunate enough to go to the  Heartbreakers party last week and enjoy all the perks of a Nordstrom party 🙂

The party was hosted to honor this months Pop-in Shop: Heart Breakers II. Pop-in shops at Nordstrom are showcases of different products by upcoming must know designers.I love looking at these new brands because they always bring a breath of fresh air, whether it be for clothes, accessories, office, home designs and such. They give an opportunity for people to see something new and exciting and perhaps even find their new favorite brand. This month’s shop features limited edition clothing and accessories by need to know designers in Mens Wear including: Bedwin and the Heartbreakers, Patrick Ervell, Xander Zhou, Outerknown and many more.

The party consisted of a local DJ, an awesome dance floor (with a disco ball and everything), a photo booth,  food stations with locally made snacks, and of course, yummy specialty cocktails!

For the event I wanted to stick with a minimalistic look that was still edgy and fun so I went with: A BCBG tunic turtleneck paired with an Armani leather jacket and Banana Republic leather pumps (on sale for $45). Each piece is super flexible and can be worn so many ways. I wear my tunic with leather leggings or a longer dress underneath with lace trim; each combination looks like something completely different.

Ill leave you here with the pics from the event, let me know what you think:



post 1

Finally the whole fashion crew…


The Pop-up is located in Downtown Seattle on Floor 3 and in Bellevue square in Floor 2, hope you all have a chance to see it!

More info here.

Wear what inspires you,




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